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Providing post-graduate training in the theory and practice of psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic psychotherapy

Advancing skill and scholarship since 1969

The Denver Institute for Psychoanalysis, founded in 1969, is organized for the purpose of providing psychoanalytic education for qualified applicants, to advance scholarship and research in the science of psychoanalysis, and to encourage application of psychoanalytic knowledge to relevant fields of study and practice.

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Post-Graduate Education

The faculty at the Denver Institute for Psychoanalysis are a small group of committed and experienced analysts. They enjoy teaching clinicians the skills and knowledge needed to become a better therapist.

The Denver Institute for Psychoanalysis provides post-graduate training in the theory and practice of psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic psychotherapy. ​

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Psychoanalytic Treatment

Psychoanalysis is a specialized and effective long-term psychotherapy for a variety of persistent emotional disorders and problems in living. People often seek and benefit from psychoanalysis after experiences with shorter-term therapies and/or medications that have not produced significant change in their personal or relationship problems.

Psychoanalysis focuses on an in-depth examination of all aspects of the person’s subjective experience and inner life. The benefits of psychoanalysis can be transformative: as the patient experiences the positive results of more flexible, adaptive and less reactive ways of thinking, feeling and behaving. Freud originally defined a treatment success as one’s increased ability to work and love.

Community Work

The faculty at the Denver Institute for Psychoanalysis are volunteers who teach and undertake committee work for free.

The Psychoanalytic Referral Service, started in 1973, provides evaluations for the community relating to suitability for psychoanalytic treatment and providing referrals for low fee analytic treatment to appropriate adults, adolescents, and children. Psychoanalysis is conducted by analysts-in-training, or faculty members who wish to take on a low fee patient. Fees for treatment are scaled to the patient's ability to pay. Learn more.

Many of our faculty members provide Colorado State Licensure Supervision for psychologists, social workers and licensed professional counselors to have supervisor hours before obtaining a license to practice.

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Psychoanalytic/Psychodynamic Association & Events in Denver

If you would like to connect with a collegial network of like-minded mental health professionals who are interested in psychoanalytic/psychodynamic concepts and methods or learn more about events with this same focus, please visit the Denver Psychoanalytic Society website.

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