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Donate Your Colorado Tax Refund

Started in 2020, Coloradans can donate all or part of their state tax refund to support their favorite local nonprofits thanks to the new ReFUND program spearheaded by Colorado Nonprofit Association allowing taxpayers to Donate to a Colorado Nonprofit Fund.

To donate directly to the Denver Institute for Psychoanalysis:

  • look for the “Donate to a Colorado Nonprofit” line of your tax return or tax software, type in Denver Institute for Psychoanalysis and our registration number: 20093008330.
  • Write in the amount you wish to donate. 

If you have your taxes prepared by someone else, an individual or company, just let them know you want to donate your refund and give them the instructions above.

All refund donations are sent to the nonprofits anonymously.  If you would like a letter for your taxes, simply send us a copy of that page from your final filing. 

Watch how easy it is to make a donation to the Denver Institute for Psychoanalysis either using Turbo Tax or directly with the Colorado State Department of Revenue by watching the 2 minute videos below for step by step directions.

The Denver Institute for Psychoanalysis is a 501(c3) organization. Your contribution is tax deductive to the full extent of the law.

EIN 23-7065236

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